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Quality club accreditation

Maldon canoe club are proud to announce we have been awarded quality club status by British Canoeing .

This has been something as Chairman I considered a useful exercise for the club which puts us in a  stronger position to obtain grants having now effectively been  audited by British canoeing.

Our systems of work and procedures have been an area we worked on extensively since we had to  re launch of the club in 2019. Since that time British Canoeing have also updated procedures and recommendations, this means we are one of the few clubs in line with all the latest procedures.

Whilst the documents were there the hard bit was re formatting a number of these as we were asked to add minor bits like review dates, a pain when many documents were in PDF format. A big thank you to Clint for helping for re formatting these documents and adding them to the Web.

Rob Wilson also put in a lot of time checking my work and sorting out the excel the document from British Canoeing . So after a lot of blood sweat and tears we are now acknowledged as the quality club we knew we were.

The ethos of the club has always been for information to be open to club members hence committee minutes are on the web as is Health and safety, Risk assessments, safeguarding and a lot of other documents .

Members are free browse these and comment remember it is your club it there something you want doing let us know (or volunteer to do it).

Club Chairman Clive Marfleet