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Circumnavigation Of Osea and Northey Islands.

We left Heybridge Basin around 10am on a beautifully sunny crisp and a little chilly January morning, Perfect conditions for a sea paddle.

We head off against tide, south towards Osea to have brunch on the Beach East side of the Island. The journey was pact with wildlife, Numerous Breeds of wild foul to a curious Seal watching us eat on the beach.

We continue our journey around the southern part of Osea now with tide, heading west for the south side of Northey.

Using the compass and buoys as markers we hit Northey just where we wanted, which just seemed to blend in with the background and was hard to make out at first.

We carry on towards the causeway on the west side of Northey,

After having a short break in our boats taking in the surroundings and waiting for the tide to turn, we then head for home along the Northern shore of Northey Back to Heybridge.

It was enjoyable club trip with great company, finished off with a cheeky pint or two in the Jolly Sailor.