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Paddle, brace and shoot!

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The UK is very popular on the Canoe Polo front with England, Wales and Ireland having won the world championships quite a few times. There are many local clubs playing for fun to improve their kayaking skills. Maldon Canoe Club formally known as MAD, have a Canoe Polo team in the National league (we have been playing for over 9 years).

Canoe Polo is a very high adrenaline filled contact sport which uses a low volume kayak with round ends at each end fitted with bumpers, no handles are fitted and boats vary in length with adult boats around 2.5 metres long. Players learn to improve, with the game similar to playing rugby but on water and having to also learn the skills of basketball. The game is played on a pitch of two sizes with the popular pitch size of 33M x 25M or smaller. (Or to fit inside of a swimming pool). At Division 1 & 2 the pitch is up to 50M x 35M.

This sport suits all genders who can play in mixed teams and suits all abilities and ages (though it’s important to have done your capsize drill first) – These boats do differ in shape and size which gives them all a very different experience on the water. They are easy to manoeuvre as well as an excellent boat to learn to roll in.

On the water, there are 5 players each side on the pitch with up to 3 players on the side lines allowed to rotate at any time to help keep the game moving at a face pace.  The goals are 2M x 1.5M in size and are suspended or on floats with the bottom edge of the goal 2M above the water, so the goalie has to use his paddle to stop the ball. Within the rules but depending on level of ability, players can push players over in possession of the ball as well as use their boats to deflect other boats or assist in controlling the ball. The game has two referees with two main objectives; keep the game safe and fair. All the referees are highly respected and similar to rugby use 3 cards. Green – warning, Yellow – Sin binned & Red off for the rest of game and the next game. Even the coaches, trainers and spectators can be carded!

Canoe Polo is played from local club level having fun to playing for the UK squad playing in matches around the world against Europe, USA, Australia, etc.

Beginners generally start in a swimming pool to learn the basics and develop hand to hand ball skills before using a paddle.

Paddle locations 

We play most of our tournaments in the comfort of swimming pools especially in the winter and in the summer use docks, lakes and recently we have Lee Valley White Water Centre literally on our door step with 2 standard pitches. The Club encourages local training sessions and has played regularly in Hull, Liverpool, Ireland, Wales and France.

Training / coaches

Maldon Canoe Club are fortunate to have a number of ICF & CE approved qualified coaches that are on hand to offer any support they can, so you can progress your development in your chosen area of canoeing/kayaking.

The club also has a trained coach and national grade 3 referee.

(There are fees applied for most courses, so please speak to one of our coaches, who will happily talk you through the details)

Canoe Polo awards

The Canoe Polo Awards are aimed at paddlers looking to develop their skills for a safe experience playing the sport.

Discover more about the awards

Watch the video to find out more about British Canoeing Awards

“Maldon Canoe Club is a great club that has made me and my family feel very welcome. My children love having fun at the pool sessions, and there is always help and support on hand from knowledgeable coaches.”

MCC member

“I started out in my late 20's and enjoyed just throwing the ball around while trying to stay in my boat. Now 30 years later I am still playing this sport which keeps me fit and a having a great social time as well.”

MCC Canoe Polo member

I started out kayaking on the sea, but was invited along to try white water with one of the clubs level 3 coaches at Lee Valley. I was hooked from the first session, even though I spent more time out of the boat than in it.

MCC member

Great day out waves got big every time I looked.The coach was right their inspiring confidence great leadership I was able to push myself knowing I was looked after.

MCC member

I was a total novice when I first joined, but through the help of the club I have now have some British canoeing awards under my belt and feel lots more confident in the water. Thanks for all the coaching and leadership.

MCC member

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