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MCC Awards 2020

As per previous years we will be handing out awards that will be presented at our AGM. So far these are the awards and nominees. Please don’t be shy on nominations, there must be some swims and rescues not listed below. Just email/text Clive and he will add them to the list.

Best swim – (remember swims mean someone was trying hard)

Clint on the Wye – (Feb grade 2-3 Rapids )

Del on the Blackwater – (Jan force 6 big waves 2 swims before we escaped the rough stuff)

Clint on the Blackwater – (med-small surf waves)

John Davey – Anglesey (6ft + Waves)

Best rescue

Clive on Del – (2 rescues in big water force 6 )

Mike Dalby on Del – (standing waves on 3 star )

Best  clean up – (womble )

Paul Thwaites – Chelmer +crouch clean ups

Mike Robards – (Chelmer clean ups and annual Blackwater clean ups)

Clive – (Chelmer clean up + penny wold)

Best improvement

John Davey – (completed 4 star training, Radio +  first aid course  and always up for wet practice )

Adrian H – (completed  3 star sea assessment & Radio Course)

Del Clarke – (completed  3 star sea assessment & Radio course)

Roger Mills – (now looks and paddle like a competent canoeist Completed Radio course)

Judy Podd – (no longer scared of the waves)

Simon Holliday – (has improved in both river and sea Kayak)