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MCC Awards 2020-2

At the last Comittee meeting the following awards were agreed upon:

Clint Gaydon has bagged the best swim of 2020, showing great commitment to push the limits Clint achieved notable Swims on white water and on sea conditions at Bradwell. Each Swim shows your trying, so lets have some names on the 2021 list please.
Paul Thwaites was awarded the best womble for the most rubbish cleaned up out of our rivers in 2020. It’s a messy job and great when someone‚Äôs willing to make an effort to improve our environment. This is an area the club is committed to, so well done Paul! – the first to receive our annual womble award.
John Davey was awarded the most improved paddler. Johni has completed his 4 star training, radio course, first aid and coastal navigation courses, as well as pushing the limits in some very challenging conditions. Even more remarkable as this was done around covid lock-downs. Well done Johni!
Clive Marfleet was awarded the best rescue. He completed 2 rescues of a capsized kayaker in large waves back in February 2020 and ensured the safety of the group and again helped with rescues later in the year on a very windy day, when another 2 paddlers had capsized in surf waves off of Bradwell. He may be getting older but can still look after us all. Well done.
MCC Awards winners

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