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Congratulations to our members who have passed the Legacy assessment

Legacy Assessment

It seems all the pre-practice white water training before MCC hosted their ‘Lee Valley legacy course take-over’ is starting to pay dividends.

Congratulations to Simon Holiday, Adrian Harding and Del Clark who all took the plunge to put in for the Legacy assessment and passed with flying colours!

For those that are interested… to pass the legacy assessment you must demonstrate directional control of your kayak in moving water, be able to make break outs into eddies down the course, breaks outs, ferry gliding and the ability to self rescue or roll.

As well as MCC members making great progress towards Sea Kayak, leadership and coaching awards, it’s great to see the progress being made in those interested in white water – we now have well over double figures of members who are legacy assessed – which is great for the club and members who wish to pop down to LV for a play.